Directed by: Keith Rivers
Microfilm (4:43m)

This short film explores relationships and privacy in unusual and surprising ways

Directed by: Darko Bucan
Microfilm (1:01m)

Can a one minute film fit on a 94 foot long cine film?

Directed : Santhosh Jayaraman
Microfilm (0:49m)
 "The pain" is an experimental ad film. In this ad we tried to portray the pain of a woman by comparing the two extreme pain... a life birth - pregnancy and a life death - rape.

Directed by: Sooyung Jang
Microfilm (anim) (2:54m)

The dangers of fame is about the story of an old street musician who wants to be famous.
The Last Word
Microfilm (3:55m)

Over 440,000 people are killed or injured every year by distracted drivers. Don't let a text be your last word. Take the pledge.

Recursos humanos
Directed by: Joan Álvarez Lladós
Microfilm (3:23m)

Finalista de la X Edición de Notodofilmfest

Directed by: Arev Manoukian
Microfilm (4:42m)

Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. Producted by: Spy Films


Directed by: Greg Zajac and Simon L Baker
Microfilm (3:10m)

A fisherman goes out on his canoe for a relaxing day of fishing, only to find the fish aren't the only ones who are biting.

Directed by: Robin Glass
Microfilm (3:01m)

Directed by: S.ara
Microfilme (anim) (2:55m)

Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritte's surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.

Directed by: Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews
Produced by: Pixar
Microfilm (anim) (4:22)

Directed by: Alejandro Marcos
Microfilm (3:31m)

A strange man wanders in the metro reciting names and dates of birth and death of people.

Un extraño hombre deambula por el metro recitando nombres y fechas de nacimiento y defunción. Las suertes indicarán cuando encontrarás la entrada y la salida de tu vida.

Direted by: Marko Slavnic
Microfilm (2:03m)

One day consists of 86,400 seconds. This is one of them.

                                                          Le papier ne sera jamais mort
                                                          Microfilm (com) (0:39m)

Technology and how paper will never be dead. A man and his tablet while laughing at his wife "Emma" because of her use of paper leads to a very shocking truth in this funny commercial. Paper Is Not Dead.

Directed by: Mathieu Ratthe
Microfilm (5:29m)

Lovefield combines elements of horror, suspense and drama to create a story that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Directed by: Adam Berg
Microfilm: (2:19m)

An epic frozen moment with cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings.

Directed by: Adam Linzey
Microfilm: (1:47m)

Microfilm (com) (0:32m)

Funny commercial


Directed by: Manolo Celi
Microfilm (4:38m)

The short film "Snap" is an exhilarating and entertaining short film conceived for the contest "The Florida Industry Incubator". The competition gives teams only 30 days from when the theme to follow is revealed. In this short time they must write, shoot, edit and deliver a 5 min. short film... all while spending no more than $500!

Directed by: Aidan Gibbons
Music by: Yann Tiersen
Microfilm (anim) (2:06)

An old man shares his life story with his young grandchild through evocative music.
Directed by: James Sheahan
Microfilm (2:14m)


 This video was made for a competition and won. It was made in a weekend using just still photography. It might be low budget but I think it's really clever, especially because it tells a full story.

Edited by: Joe Bush
Music by: Zack Hemsey
Microfilm (2:11m)

Joe Bush: My final project I made for my video productions class "Cutaway Productions" (Search them for their channel) at my high school. I don't own the rights to the song or the pictures and I am not trying to claim them, I just did this video for fun and i spent many a hour on it.

Direted by: Ralph Eggleston
Produced by: Pixar Film
Microfilm (anim.) (3.26)

Directed by: Trevor Sands
Microfilm (5:08m)

Directed by: Daniel Lucchesi
Microfilm (1:32m)

Normality takes a turn on his head when Mr Average Joe suffers a very unlucky day when he gets up on the wrong side of the bed. Will he manage to get back on the right side of life or will he be doomed to suffer bad fortune for the rest of the day? This film was the winner of 2006 One Minute Wonder Competition.

Directed by: Jason Moola
Microfilm (3:04m)

Is it possible to live beyond the reach of temptation?