Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Microfilm (5:17)
Once upon a time in a country far far away, a boy lived very different from all the others. His name was Eftichis. Everything ran smoothly in his life until one day, many many years ago an incident made him see life from a different perspective. And suddenly, a big secret was revealed.

Directed by: After the Tone
Microfilm (1:02)
“I used dusty old school photographs that I scanned, cropped and resized and a couple of recent digital pics for the last few seconds”. (After the Tone, to be updated in 2048)
Directed by: Micah Mahaffey
Microfilm (3:04)
A women loses her life when she is struck by lighting and now her husband will bend time and space to save her from the fate she once had by going back in time using his Time Machine! 
Directed by: Porter Vinson
Microfilm (anim) (2.14)
A reluctant boy gets more than he asked for in a ball pit. Will he conquer his fears to escape the adventure he finds himself in?
Produced by: Goetzmann Films
Microfilm (1:00)

Directed by: Claude Lee Sadik
Microfilm (3:40)
A mysterious device is about to shake a young man's life.
Directed by: Gareth Morgan
Microfilm (2:32)
1000 years after the great flood, Empress Nebrod, feeling threatened by her Lords actions against the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, builds Babel, Gateway to God.
A Outra Face
Directed by: Kenny Yoneyama
Microfilm (4:20)
A short film about the daily home life of Kenny and Bussunda, friends that share an apartment.
Uma curta-metragem retratando o dia-a-dia de Kenny e Bussunda, amigos que moram no mesmo apartamento.
Directed by: Cynthia Smeets
Microfilm (5:50)
When Lucy finds a buried box in the garden, she discovers a special telescope that mirrors her deepest wish.
Directed by: William Findinge and Mathias Tegtmeier
Microfilm (0:41)
The last tragic moments of Mr. Papers life. What Mr. Paper basically is trying to express is how much the poop stinks. The language is danish.

Directed by: Anthony Marinelli
Microfilm (2:11)
A man and a woman making a connection on a NY City subway train.
Directed by: Mithun Sundaresh
Microfilm (3:02)
The subject is shown dead on the floor twice. Actually, the two scenes are from two perspectives, one from the victim's and one from the murderer's perspective.
Directed by: Dave Gaw
Microfilm (3:51)
Two strangers in a broken elevator take it to the next level.
Directed by: Anton Kudryashov
Microfilm (2:46)
Western short film
Directed by: Fatima de Los Santos and Blow Studio
Microfilm (3:57)
Year 2086. Kate Sorin never imagined how volunteering herself as "base citizen" for Project Shell would determine her fate. The Western Confederation claimed that the creation of the cyber-clones would be the bridge to a free and equal society, without thinking that their human nature would fight against the role they were created for: to be slaves.
Directed by: Joon, Joon and Josiah
Microfilm (anim) (4:59)
Is our brain always divided? Maybe yes or maybe not...

Directed by: Chris Cottam
Microfilm (4:41)
This film conveys a sense of life and experience, extreme and heightened feelings as well as pensive and quiet moments. It is reminiscence, a visual diary and a document of a day. This is achieved through the journey of one man.

Directed by: Frans Kromhout
Microfilm (1:11)
Do you know what your shirt says?
Directed by: collective
Microfilm (1:08)
The task this time was to make a one minute shortfilm. It couldn't be one second more or less than one minute. In the video, it is 7 extra seconds in the film, wich is the credits that doesn't count in the minute. A film by Yousef Bilal, Louie Topher, Amanda Ljung and Alvaro Ortega Gonzalez.

Directed by: Endre Barath
Microfilm (2:56)

Directed by: Marko Slavnic and  Andrew McDonald
Microfilm (4:22)
A couple has an intimate conversation in a restaurant, unaware that their every word is being closely monitored. However, not all is as it seems.

Directed by: Jessica Franz
Microfilm (4:04)
A funny, seemigly shocking tale, about a young boy announcing he's dead—making his alarmed mother take him to a series of experts to "fix" him. 
Directed by: Michael Evans
Microfilm (4:09)
Inspired by a true story.