Directed by: Austin and Maitland Lottimer
Microfilm (04:01)
Winner of Olympus PEN Your Short 48 Hour Film Contest at the 2011 Vail Film Festival
Directed by: Carl Albrecht
Microfilm (anim) (01:00)
"Jumper" follows a hooded mystery man through the underbelly of Berlin's nightlife, into the early morning hours.
Directed by: Robert Bélisle and Jean-François Pouliot
Microfilm (anim) (00:59)
This animated story shows that societies in evolution are often in danger of self-destruction.
Directed by: Farah White
Microfilm (03:46)

Produced by: Phipps Philms
Microfilm (01:29)

Produced by: Scadshorts
Microfilm (04:43)

To what lengths will an ingenious young boy go to prove the existence of jolly old Saint Nick?
Directed by: Leah Carrol and Aimie Willemse
Microfilm (02:00)
Inspired by the stark contrast of light and dark, we set out to explore this concept physically and emotionally.
Directed by: Gilles Lepore
Microfilm (02:06)

Directed by: Ringo Paulush
Microfilm (02:57)
A short film trying to show the connection between consuming and creating.
Directed by: Sri
Microfilm (04:48)

Directed by: Jolie Hales
Microfilm (05:02)
Upon watching a customer in a flower shop, grumpy old Rob comes to a realization that inspires him to see his own life in a different light.
Directed by: Ron Hamad 
Microfilm (04:16)
A man works the land and waits for his son to return. "The Wait" is a profoundly beautiful and moving film which explores the pains of loss.

Microfilm (04:39)

Directed by: Dylan Vanwormer and Logan Scelina
Microfilm (anim) 3:28)

Directed by: Galen Scorer
Microfilm (2:38)
Poetry by Dylan Thomas, read by Anthony Hopkins.
Direction by: Frank Benitez
Microfilm (1:25)
Ganador en la categoria profesional de la Imagination 2008. El video cumplió con las reglas del concurso, es un plano único y no tiene cortes ni postproducción.
Diretecd by: Colin Miller and Alex Cain
Microfilm (2:11)
A widow faces decorating the house for her first Christmas alone.
Directed by: F.C.Rabbath
Microfilm (5:01)

Directed by: Jason Headley
Microfilm (1:42)
Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen.  Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what.
Directed by: Qian Shi
Microfilm (anim) (3:47)
A story inspired by a shoe-doll in Childhood Museum of Edinburgh, set in London 1905, about a young girl and her father in poverty, and how love between them requires sacrifice.
Directed: Dave Lojek
Microfilm (3:35)
You make things more complicated by forgetting how easy they can be. A man, a woman and a dog meet under quaint circumstances in a turned world. This miniature can be read as a metaphor about tunnel vision and the muse it takes to wake up!
Directed by: Miles Crawford
Microfilm (2:10)

Directed by: Ila Beka
Microfilm (2:02)

Directed by: Adán Pichardo
Microfilm (2:32)

Directed by: Vijay Joseph
Microfilm (2:00)
Manorama Short Film Movie festival winner 2012