Directed by: Ferdinand Lutz
Microfilm (anim) (1:37')

If you once leave your queue, you will never be happy again. So stay in your queue! 
Directed by: David Matthew Friedman
Microfilm (5:01')

Chaplin garners international fame after a video of him goes viral. This film was made in Cannes, France.
Directed by: Frans Kromhout
Microfilm (1:33')

Directed by: Ben Jacobson
Microfilm (1:30')

Directed by: Tomas Mankovsky
Microfilm (3:17')
A young man misses his bus, and goes on an incredible journey to reach his destination.
Directed by: Mike Libunao
Microfilm (2:42')
Carter attempts to divert his mind while anxiously waiting for something, but his surroundings only serve to drive him into more of a frenzy. 
Directed by: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Microfilme (anim) (1:01)

Directed by: Andy Huang
Microfilm (2:56')
“The Gloaming” takes office space to an eerie dimension following the misfortune of a worker ensnared by his cubicle and haunted by sinister visitors during the nightshift.
Directed by: Ehsan Amani
Microfilm (3:01)

Directed by: Sergi Rubió
Microfilm (4':51'')
It seems that everyone blames Mohamed, a Moroccan immigrant in Barcelona, because of his origins. Ignorance is the worst disease.

Directed by: Morgan Christie
Microfilm (1':21'')

Directed by: Tom Antos
Microfilm (3:47m)
A girl's dream date may be a guy's nightmare. In the classic he said, she said comedy form, two women and their men recount the unexpected pleasures and pain of the night before.
Directed by: Robin Glass
Microfilm (2':27'')
If I could turn back time… would I unlearn all the things I have learned? Would my first kiss be my last one? Would I un-cry all the things I regret?
Directed by Antoine Shapiro
Microfilm (5':28'')
A short film about taking chances and love at first sight.

Produced by: Bird Box Studio
Microfilm (anim) (1':00'')

A couple of wildebeest contemplate crossing a river.

Directed by: Mac and Fox
Microfilm (1':04'')
7am - time for Malcom to get out of bed, but his duvet has other ideas. 
Directed by: Anton Groves
Microfilm (1:01m)
Tense film about a man who takes drugs and at the peak of his trip, he imagines a dark train coming to kill him. Winner Filminute 2006.

Directed by: Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv
Microfilm (5:59m)
"Offside" is the short film regarding the Middle East conflict. Was shot in Israel, during September 2005, at the security zone that separates between Israel and the Palestine Authority.

Microfilm (3:02)
Produced by: Si & AD
Shy girl meets shy boy in the office, and they find a new way of expressing their affection in this endearing film.
Directed by: Michael Varnum
Microfilm (anim) (2:25m)
A birthday girl mistakes a prostitute for her birthday clown.