Directed by: Mateo Rodriguez
Microfilm (4:01)
Cortometraje de ficción, realizado en el Diplomado de Dirección Creativa de la Escuela Nacional de Cine (Colombia).
Directed by: Michael Cullen
Microfilm (1:37m)
Ireland, 1798. After the failed rebellion, its leaders are put to death by hanging.
Directed by: Kumar Satkunarasa
Microfilm (4:46m)
A guide on life...and stuff in 5 quick minutes...
Directed by: Nick Hilligoss
Microfilm (anim) (3:42m)
Winner short film Berlin 2008
Directed by: Ila Beka
Microfilm (1:42)
“Who crosses the line dies”

Directed by: Alexandra Torterotot
Microfim (3:35m)

Directed: Marcos Pico
Microfilm (5:05)
A father has lost his son and has to bury him in the desert. Both need closure and they have a chance to do so.

Directed by: Dom Bridges
Microfilm (3:55)
A young man buys a tin of tuna, and gets a lot more than he was expecting in this funny take on an old urban myth.
Directed by: John Lasseter
Microfilm (anim) (3:38m)
Produced by Pixar
Directed by: Chris Zomer
Microfilm (2:20)
Mr. van der Vliet and his wife are ordering their first child...

Directed by: Manuel Velásquez Isaza
Microfilm (1:01)
“Cara o Sello”/Colombia
Directed by: Marcel Becker-Neu
Microfilm (4:18m)

Directed by: Stephane Calleja
Microfilm (3:07m)

Directed by: Konstantin Bronzit
Microfilm (4:17)
"The God" it’s about a statue of Shiva awoken by a solitary fly who's buzzing quickly disturbs all serenity, sending the idol into a dance of to capture the creature in a flurry we can all relate to.
Directed by: Fernando Nipper
Microfilm (2:30)
“Love Light Love” (“Amor Leve Amor”) portrays the passionate hearts, the lightness of love and a sunny afternoon in a city park. How to light we are when in love.

Directed by: Liron Topaz
Microfilm (anim) (2:47)
 A naive music-lover's patience is tested on his quest to download music online, as his perspective on technology completely changes.
Directed by: Mermaid Petronella
Microfilm (2:09)
Our mirror tell us things like "Ugly" "Fat" "Stupid" even though the ones we love may tell us differently. This short film is about changing what your 'mirror tells you' and starting to find yourself. “Reflection” (an original short film).
Director: Alex and Steffen
Microfilm (3:38)

Directed by: Cristóbal León, Niles Atallah and Joaquín Cociña
Microfilm (4:01)
A poetic film. Lucía remembers the summer in which she fell in love with Luis. The furniture within a bedroom is shaken and destroyed, meanwhile the charcoal Lucía appears and vanishes on the walls.
Directed by: Ramon and Pedro
Microfilm (4:47)
This short film called "The Mirror" shows us a man in front of the mirror of his childhood until the end of his life through his thirties, very good short film to watch.
Directed by: Colin Miller and Alex Cain
Microfilm (2:59)
"Salt" is based on a true story from Colin's childhood. (A thanksgiving story)
Produced by: Bird Box
Microfilm (anim) (0:54)
You can't escape it.

Directed by: Jamal Chong
Microfilm (1:01)
You only live once (Yolo)
Directed by: Juha Ilmari Laine
Microfilm (2:39')
A short film about a priest, who's waching the papal election from TV. White smoke coming from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel will be the signal of a new Pope...
Direted by: Tony Hailstone
Microfilm (2:24')
Comedy about a jealous photograph.
Directed by Ali Asgari
Microfilm (4:16')

Dans l'ombre
Directed by: Fabrice Mathieu
Microfilm (1:01')
A film noir with shadows.