Directed by: Bonnie Moir
Microfilm (1:07)

Directed by: Tan Wei Keong

Microfilm (anim) (3:38)
Protect from temptation.
Directed by: Mariano
Microfilm (2:57)
“No te rindas”(“Don’t give up”) - narrated poetry with English subtitles
Directed by: Alexandra Torterotot
Microfilm (4:54)
Where a simple wrong turn on your way home can lead... 
Directed by: Ien Chi
Microfilm (4:30)
What would you do if you had only five minutes to live? Trace a young man's few minutes of trying to fulfill his life's highest potential.
Directed by: Aritz Moreno
Microfilm (1:01)

Directed by: Greg Glienna
Microfilm (4:13)
A man wins the lottery in his boss's office. 
Directed by: collective ESRA Brittany
Microfilm (anim) (4:41)
"Twit-Twit" is a short animation film about Charly, a poor but cheerful, robot Banjo player, and Radin, a no-good, greedy robot toll-keeper in the middle of the desert. The battle of wits between these tin-men will keep you entertained till the end of the film. The film was directed by 5 students of the ESRA Brittany, a film school in France.
Directed by: Matteo Cazzaniga
Microfilm (1:42)
“Harmony of Power” is a short film aiming to represent a concentration of power, energy and harmony through two different ways, so different yet so similar: the vigor of the noble art and purity of dance. A perfect balance between opposites that, in different ways, become a manifestation of strength.

Directed by: Sander Maran
Microfilm (2:11)

El silencio perfecto
Directed by: Vicente Fenoll
Microfilm (4:27)

Directed by: PES
Microfilm (1:41)
The 2013 Academy Award nominated film by PES. "Fresh Guacamole" is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

Directed by: Andrew Gabriel
Microfilm (anim) (1:00)
Acrophobia is an extreme fear of heights. It belongs to a category of specific phobias.

Directed by: Mohamed Gaafar
Microfilm (5:16)

Produced by: Dispossable Planet
Microfilm (2:04)
A man wakes up to an interesting breakfast experience.
The Return
Diretecd by: Harrison J. Bahe
Microfilm (5:01)

Directed by: Stephen Robbins
Microfilm (2:01)
Family favoritism becomes a real gag at thanks giving.
Directed by: Daniel John Williams
Microfilm (4:27)
Beau is a story about love, choice and regret.
Directed by: James Kelly
Microfilm (anim) (1:00)

Directed by: Andreas Hurtig
Microfilm (3:20)
The alarm clock rings. A young man wakes up. This is the beginning of the day when everything will change, when all anxiety gathered together to produce something as unusual as a second chance at life.

Directed by: Juan Andrés Parrilla
and Esteban García Vázquez
Microfilm (3:30)

Directed by: Bauke Brouwer
Microfilm (1:00)

Directed by: Hanna Maria Heidrich
Microfilm (2:08)
"We Miss You" shows, in an artistic way, disconnection of humans to the natural world.
Directed by: Biju Viswanath
Microfilm (4:01)
Interactive short film, with alternative ending.
"You will see only what you want to see"