Directed by: Steve Cutts
Microfilm (anim) (1:45)
A short hand-drawn animation about one mans reflection on his life..
Directed by: Debjit Bagchi
Microfilm (2:16)
His micro film deals with the crisis and catharsis of an aged man suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.
Directed by: Sander Maran
Microfilm (3:18)
A boy invents a turbo sledge. Shouldn't have...
Directed by: Sebastian Simon
Microfilm (1:01)
Paris postcard.
Directed by: Ed Boase and James Walker
Microfilm (2:47)
Based on a true story
Directed by: Navin
Microfilm (2:10)
(Based on a small incident) Some of us, unlike most of the priviliged one's value and solely desire a mother's love.
Directed by: Steve Robertson
Microfilm (1:00)

Directed by: Steve Cutts
Microfilm (anim) (3:37)
Animation created in flash and after effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.
Microfilme (1:17)
"Efêmero" é um minimetragem, com direção coletiva, realizada na III Oficina de Iniciação ao Cinema, ministrada por Alexandre Rossi.
Directed by: C. Bagshaw, L. Bantawa, S. Burnip
Microfilm (3:47)

Directed by: Lee Lannom
Microfilm (2:57)

Directed by: Keegan Wilcox
Microfilm (3:00)
Grand prize winner of the Philips Parallel Lines 'Tell It Your Way' international competition.

Directed by: Jeremy Cole
Microfilme (3:52)
A tale of a boy's thoughts on his Stepdad, the best Stepdad in the world.

Directed by: Michael Hickox
Microfilm (anim) (1:27)
A peaceful day at the beach goes horribly wrong. Shark attack!
Directed by: Sarah Dodson
Microfilm (1:19)

Directed by: Max Lamonte
Microfilm (2:37)
A man sits alone in a house. But things are not always as they seem.

Directed by: Matt Koval
Microfilm (3:23)
A story of chance encounters, random acts, and the strangers who drift in and out of our lives.

Directed by: Adriano Cirulli
Microfilm (3:39)
A study of human interaction expressed through movement and sound. Falling is the result of a painstaking combination of digital visual effects, choreography and electroacoustic music.

Directed by: Glenn Brughmans
Microfilm (1:00)
This is a one minute short film about a boy who prepares him self
for a special date...

Directed by: Steven Boatman
Microfilm (4:44)
Ever had trouble mowing your lawns? Well, this man mows through misery in this dark comedy short film.
Directed by: Phanin S.
Microfilm (anim) (1:10)
It's a simple animation about life and how we can build up everything, but in the end it can't come with us.
Microfilm (1:00)

Directed by: John Allen
Microfilm (3:07)
Short black comedy about a man intending to end it all, but all is not going his way today.

Directed by: Nima Raoofl
Microfilm (3:53)

Directed by: Philippe Orreindy

Microfilm (4:31)
It is a bitter-sweet tale of a lonely woman being offered the chance of love on the Paris metro. A strange man is so desparate to find the right woman that he offers himself up to anyone who might like him in his carriage.

Directed by: David Bertram
Microfilm (3:57)
A young man falls in love with a young woman sitting at the back of a Parisian taxi.

Directed by: Ari, Blanchet, Huang, Hurlin
Microfilm (anim) (3:18)

Directed by: Park Metzer
Microfilm (5:19)

"Short suspense film I directed at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute in one week" (Park Metzer)